Field Honey – Packaging Refresh

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Great Depths
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Field Honey
Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Honey

The Field Honey team tasked us with refreshing their existing brand and elevating their packaging to match the premium nature of their product.

Founded by Robert Field, a second-generation master beekeeper, Field Honey produce a range of exquisite set and clear honeys, as well as seasonal, small batch speciality monoflorals.

Robert tasked us with refreshing the brand’s visual identity and packaging to communicate the team’s expertise and experience, whilst emphasising the quality of the honey itself.

Inspired by the unmistakable shape of the honeycomb, we created a Field Honey monogram – complete with honey drip – to act as a seal of approval and assurance of quality.

To further enforce this visual cue, we created a repeating honeycomb pattern constructed from the bees themselves. A range of “postage stamps” showing the location of each hive was also created to distinguish between the source and subsequently flavour of each honey.