Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: LAMBRECHT, Lifestyle Design Agentur
Packaging Design & Illustration: Theresa Lambrecht
Product Photography: Antonios Mitsopoulos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Florida-Eis
Location: Berlin, Germany
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream, Food
Packaging Materials: Rigid plastic, in-mould-labelling

Ice Ice Baby – new packaging concept based on 39 illustrations for each flavour of Berlins ice manufacturer number one. The “Florida-Eis Manufaktur” was founded 1927 in Berlin. They produce more than 39 ice cream flavours in an eco-friendly manufacturing process.There is a various scope of different ice flavours. Florida-Eis offers the classic flavours, e. g. fruits-, chocolate-, vanilla. But they have also a wide range of specials, like almond marzipan, banana milk cream or cookies and something like that. Most of the flavours are vegan, lactose- and gluten free. Florida-Eis sells it’s product traditionally in the ice cream parlour. The plan is to become a brand for the convenience market as well.

To reach this goal you need a unique product with a fabulous quality, a good story and a well presenting packaging style. The first two points already exist. For the third point Florida-Eis decides to work together with LAMBRECHT DESIGN. It was the initial first step for LAMBRECHT DESIGN to create complete new packaging design concept. It was necessary to transfer the brand values from the ice cream parlour to the supermarket point of sales. Another aspect is to show that tradition can go hand in hand with a modern communication style. That’s why LAMBRECHT DESIGN creates the illustration concept. The 39 individual illustrations show the consumer on a colourful and easy way the heart of the product and wake the consumers appetite. The result is a fresh, juicy, colourful, funny packaging style for young and old.