Les Recettes de l’Atelier

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: CBA
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Les Recettes de l’Atelier / Nestlé
Location: France
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Materials: Textures paper band, watercolor traces, handwritten “font”, patina effect

Nestlé innovates on the chocolate segment, with a new tablet concept – with a topping of whole nuts and dried fruits – recalling the traditional “Mendiants” you can find at sweetshops. Nestlé becomes the first brand to bring the “chocolate artisan” world into supermarkets.

This range, positioned as an “everyday premium” treat is to be launched in several markets under the different local brands – starting with Nestlé in France.

What’s Unique?
“Les recettes de l’atelier” (“Recipes from the artisan shop”) conciliates artisan flair and supermarket retail rules : the “perfect imperfection” of products is disclosed in order to stimulate all senses and to invite to a new chocolate experience.

The visual innovation is definitely eye-catching : realistic photoshoot of the tablets and their ingredients are used as trompe-l’oeil on all the packaging. The simplicity and obviousness of details – textures paper band, watercolor traces, handwritten “font”, patina effect – take consumers straight to the artisan world, where traditional gestures are precise, creative and passionate.

The different recipes are clearly identifiable thanks to the watercolor hues, and compose an original indulgent palette in the chocolate aisle.