Samovar (Concept)



Designer Alexey Seoev
Project Type: Concept
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Premium Russian tea
Packaging Materials: Paper

The project started in December 2014 at WTP as educational and free for client.

Packaging is a tube, a stylized birch log, at the upper face of which the circular bar code that simulates the annual rings on the end of the barrel is located. While creating the package a vectorized copy of a calligrapher sketch of the logo (the customer bought it while planning business) must be made. Specification for the design includes 3 SKU of black teas: Chernomor, Krasno Solnyshko (with herbs) and Zhar Ptitsa (with honey).

What’s Unique?
Packaging is a stylized birch log with circular bar code that simulates the annual rings.