Altman Supplement Redesign (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Tal Drori
Project Type: Student Project
School: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
Course: Package Design
Tutor: Adlai Stock
Location: Israel
Packaging Contents: Food supplement
Packaging Materials: Uncoated paper, stickers

We were asked to redesign a package we think wasn’t suitable to its content. I chose Altman food supplement series. The leading brand in Israel in that category.

The problem with the current package is that it has no appeal to the growing consumer base of food supplements. The packages are too cold, and have a signage system associated with traffic and direction signs. As a result from a research I made, I discovered that the product is made out of natural ingredients only. A fact that was not channeled through the current design. I also observed that consumers who take food supplements on a daily base, avoid consuming products that look like pharmaceutical drugs. As a result, I redesigned the packages to reflect the natural ingredients. And to add a modern twist, I covered the entire inner part with a lush vegetation. The same plants used to crate that specific product, making the overall approach a bit more whimsical. In order to show the uncompromising precision of the manufacturer and the high quality of the product, I turned to the tradition of natural pharmacy. I implemented grid texture to the background, and used precise typography. Plant illustration were used to resemble the research of herbology.

What’s Unique?
In addition, we had to combine a term given in advance. The term I implemented was “obsession”. In relation to this term, I invented a solution to help keeping track of daily consumption. Every time you take a tablet, a square can be scratched off with your fingernail, making it easier to take it.