Designer: Ana Cecilia Gutiérrez Garralda
Creative Director: Rodrigo Quiroz Miranda
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: San Pablo Farmacia
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Packaging Contents: Body Splash Aromatherapy

Herbos is an herbal products trademark that is sold exclusively in one of the largest drugstore chains in Mexico. On its first product line, Herbos showcases nine different products used in aromatherapy.

The primary plant or flower used in the oil of each product was used as a reference for the packaging graphic design, since this is most important trait for the consumers of herbal products.

Each product used in aromatherapy has a specific therapeutic purpose and the name of each product was selected depending on the benefits they provide.

The box finishes give a special touch to the packaging; the embossing of the typeface, UV varnish on the icon pattern design, and the silver hot stamping on the top section along with the Herbos logo.

What’s Unique?
What is unique about this design is that the packaging of most natural or herbal products tend to use green colors as well as images of the plants. This design on the other hand, makes use of much more iconic and simplified packaging.