Sunset Grove Fruit Bar (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Donna Tiao
Project Type: Concept
Location: Pasadena, United States
Packaging Contents: Snack bar, Natural Fruits, Fibers, Grains

Sunset Grove is a nutritious, heart felt, and crunchy organic fruit bar snack for all ages to enjoy. Not only is it gluten and GMO free, but it is packed full of natural fruits, fibers, and grains. Our organic fruit bar is perfect for all ages to enjoy because of the nutritious benefits and yummy taste. In a sea of healthy fruit bar snacks, our differentiation is the story behind each fruit bar.

The story and concept behind the name sunset grove originated from farmers picking peaches, blueberries, mangos, and other fruits from their farms. They would describe their favorite part of fruit picking to be watching the sunset go down as they carried their baskets up the grove. Each organic fruit bar is filled not only with nutrition but with love and hard work. By this wholesome process, each customer feels a connection of gratitude within each chewy bite.

Each flavor is recognizable through the use of color and botanical illustrations for easy recognition in an aisle full of competitors. The color palette for each flavor was created from bits and pieces of each fruit. The botanical illustrations create a sense of original authenticity within each bar.

The three flavors are: Peach for a good source of dietary fiber, Blueberry for warding off heart disease, and Mango for lowering cholesterol.

The main concept for Sunset Grove is to create a recognizable brand and story by telling the behind the scenes story of each fruit bar through color, imagery, and presentation context.

What’s Unique?
The design packaging for Sunset Grove is special because it is simple yet automatically recognizable. Through the use of a color palette that originated from the ingredient in that particular fruit bar, customers will feel a connection to each flavor. The design and typography for Sunset Grove is gridded and controlled. This differentiates itself from other competitors because it adds a modern typographical language to the packaging. To balance out the contemporary feel because I wanted customers to feel the grass roots of the brand, I used botanical illustrations to add a sense of nostalgia and history.