The True Honey Co.

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Marx Design
Copy Writer / Brand Development: Kate Phillips
Cardboard Engineer: Think Packaging
Illustrator: Christopher DeLorenzo
Strategy: Emma Parnell
Photographers: Duncan Innes, Yuki Sato
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: The True Honey Co.
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Manuka Honey
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper, Cardboard

The honey industry’s not as sweet as you think. ‘Manuka’ honey must contain 70% Manuka pollen – record profits has seen brands contaminate the market with sub-standard honey. In a world of honey that was only getting more dishonest, we worked with The True Honey Co. (TTHC) to turn their transparency and honesty into their brand’s point of difference. TTHC’s honey is amongst the purest on the planet and the brand needed to reflect the premium quality as well as the truth and honesty of the company’s ethos without losing charm and personality.

We engaged copywriter Kate Phillips from TypeB to develop a brand personality with an honest, straight-talking tone and from this we developed the TTHC logo evolution with a more engaging, customer-facing personality. TTHC use MGO to measure Manuka quality therefore we made this the hero on the packaging. Large, modern typography and simple, yet intelligent and engaging illustrations bring to life the brand’s ethos.

The honey is packaged in glass jars and sold exclusively sold online. Once delivered, the jar and box needed to become something proudly displayed in consumer’s homes. We worked with a cardboard engineer to create a bespoke, eco-box that safely housed the honey, offering an awe-inspiring opening reveal and which didn’t require bubble-wrap for shipping (showcasing the brand’s sustainability). Every finish was laboured over with foils used on black stock and high-build and textured finish on the labels.

To achieve the protection required for international shipping we arrived at a completely unique solution: a set of four triangular segments that cradle the jar to create an impact zone. Fully suspended, it creates a 360-degree grip on the jar allowing zero movement. The segments, while functional, open beautifully to reveal the precious honey inside. To further add form, a perfect-fit outer-wrap was designed to adhere to each segment, which became a canvas to reveal TTHC’s truths through an editorial style design. The end result is a beautifully crafted box suitable for shipping and carrying the company’s brand messages.

What’s Unique?
A brand personality and delivery completely unique to category.

Unique protective packaging for international shipping.