Juice – Disposable Charger

Derrick Lin


Designer: Hani Douaji
Photographer: Michele Wong
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rapid Juice
Location: New York city, United States
Packaging Contents: Disposable charger
Packaging Materials: Four sides seal bag – Checkout display

Juice is the first on-the-go cell phone battery that can charge your phone anytime and place. The portable and disposable one-time use, battery fits in your pocket, purse or suitcase. Juice is giving cell phone users to stay connected wherever they are.

The 4 hour disposable charger is a disposable charger that can charge your drained from from 0-40%, once your done just throw it out. Its that simple!

Juice has a range of two chargers, chargers that are compatible with IPhone devices and others for Android devices.

The logo is a blend of two visual objects, a generic USB charger and the word “Juice”.

The packaging type is four sides seal bag and the product has a range of two packages, IPhone package and Android package.

The checkout display has two columns, a column for IPhone chargers and another for Android chargers. The header has been designed to help the consumers to pick up the right charger for their phones.