KAAVA – When Gin Meets Sparkling



Creative Agency: SeriesNemo
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: BarcelonaBrands
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Contents: Gin

Sparkling Gin distilled from the Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada grapes. The traditional blend for the famous spanish sparkling wine – Cava. In a market saturated with spirits and sparklings, both manufactured by “traditional methods”, KAAVA creates a new category, from a marriage of the finest ingredients of gin and sparkling wine.

KAAVA presents itself dressed in gala in an exclusive brand-bottle that enhances and enriches its content. A new shape of bottle, designed by SERIESNEMO with a double height base composed by a thick glass bottom and high perimeter with marked interior flounces, that represents an innovative glass manufacturing technique.

The brand is marked in the top ring of the bottle’s neck and in the base. An exclusive cap that evokes the traditional cork closures sparkling wine. The 360º silk-screen printing has a high technical difficulty. The frosted finishing gives it freshness and the colors of the range (gold and pink) make KAAVA an innovative and contemporary new sparkling.

A unique and exclusive typeface was created by SERIESNEMO for the branding and communication, with character and distinction, radiating light and enthusiasm. This alphabet is applied on the bottle as a monogram creating a graphic texture.

KAAVA is a surprising drink that creates meeting points. Those who find poetry in the little things, aspire to be different, think outside the box, search for the perfect blend… will discover new moments and encounters with KAAVA.

When winter meets spring. When dark meets light. When time meets timeless. When gastronomy meets science. When Barcelona meets London.

KAAVA, when Gin meets Sparkling.