Creative Agency: Afterhours, London
Photography: Anderson
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: The Treasury of Candles, New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Fraranced Candles
Packaging Materials: Glass Jars, Foil blocking/ stamping, Metal lids, Carton board, Organza ribbon

Strategy, brand creation, naming, identity, product branding, packaging, tone of voice, website and communications for a premium, hand made candle retailer.

Built around the core insight that candles make any moment more special and memorable- whether it’s a dinner party or just a relaxing bath, the brand idea is rooted in the concept of ‘Moments to Treasure’.

The launch offer, a flagship range of contemporary ring reveal candles, builds on the above with the promise of a memento of that moment too- one with both emotional and monetary value – an actual treasure!

The brand idea is brought to life in the name and across all elements of the identity:

The core brand mark is a foil blocked candelabra motif creating the signature T. The candelabra, as a precious and treasured home for candles, felt like a fitting symbol for the business.

The ring reveal candle and packaging had to reflect the promise of an item to treasure and as such displays many luxury cues:

The candle is housed in a silk finished clam-shell gift box which parallels the format of luxury ring / jewellery packaging.

Each one is tied with a bespoke ombre print organza ribbon, foil blocked with the variant name. The names themselves were created as part of a broader language & TOV piece and seeks to capture the emotional experience of each fragrance and utilise language which hints at the treasure within: Enduring, shimmering, desiring, adventuring etc.

The candles jars themselves are semi opaque white glass with embossed gold lids, both classically branded with the signature T motif and Treasuring range symbol .

Inside each is an ombre watercolour printed dust insert, foil blocked with details of each signature fragrance notes.

To accompany the above, we also designed the website and art directed the brand building imagery it features, working with Photography by Anderson.

These showcase the product range and elements on hand painted watercolour backdrops to capture the sensual, ethereal qualities of the fragrances.