OHO Sweet Pillows

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Creative Agency: Love Agency
Account manager: Algirdas Tamosevicius
Art Director / Illustrator: Gintare Cekanauskaite
Designer: Evaldas Bubinas
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Naujasis Nevėžis
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Pillows with filling
Packaging Materials: Matte plastic

The old packaging design has not changed for a long time. As a consequence of that sales were falling, product in the shelves did not look as attractive and modern as it should. What’s more, flavours of the pillows were renewed. It was clear that time for change has come.

Change and make design more modern, emphasise the new pillow flavours, uplift the sales and transmit a message about healthier alternative in snacks category.

Bright, hand-drawn packaging with a little bit crooked but neatly arranged patterns expresses both, snack flavours and eating habits – it is healthy snack for quick fortify. Snack next to TV, during the break at school and quickly before important job meetings – short moments that you want to brighten a bit.

Since we use bright colours, matted packaging texture dims them, the product that is seen through a little window looks more aesthetic what creates an impression of comfort. Each of four dappled packagings reflects each flavours of pillows. Small dots and lines drawn with watercolour and ink are hints of grain origin products, used in pillows manufacturing. Colours used for packaging design are allusions to product flavours:

Caramel flavour filling snacks packaging recalls holidays and sweet summer memories.

Strawberry filling – tiny black dots as if a ladybird crawling around the strawberry beds.

Pillow with yoghurt filling packaging is light-colored and lightweight design, so clearly communicating unsophisticated yogurt flavor.

Chocolate flavour filling pillows packaging design is brightly chocolate, sweet and playful.

All four and each separately packagings are like a short story, reflection of cozy mood and the image for short but tasty minutes in everyday life.

What’s Unique?
In this packages design unique is the technique, which was used. Each package pattern was hand-drawn.