Derrick Lin


Designer: Simoul Alva
Managing Director: Tenzing Nyentsey
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sikkimis, Echostream
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Tea Bags
Packaging Materials: Paper

A twist on the mundane tea bags, Sikkimis presents Tea Spa. The name is essentially derived from the cutely illustrated animals who appear to be having a relaxing time soaking in your cup while creating your tea for you. They are having a spa day and invite you to share in their rejuvenating experience. The bags of tea used are of Sikkim’s own organic Temi tea.

What’s Unique?
Keeping true to its contemporary take on Sikkim’s culture, Sikkimis uses tea spa to introduce one to some of the colourful biodiversity of the state. Unique wildlife inspired illustrations inform, amuse and stay with the tea drinker for a while.