Tie’d Up Neck Ware (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Zac Smith
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Wisconsin- Stout
Course: Packaging and Graphics
Location: Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA
Packaging Contents: Neckties
Packaging Materials: Paper

When it comes to packaging, design offers a limitless opportunity for new or even the most classic of brand packaging to vault to a ‘disruptor’ status. Becoming disruptive means taking a step outside the norm, standing above the rest, and impacting how consumers view your entire product category. This project was given to us with these thoughts in mind. What I decided to repackage are neck ties because the standard right now is a boring clip hanger with no imagination.

What’s Unique?
My package has a unique design because not only is it still able to hang up in stores but the tie itself is rolled up to save space. The die line itself is simple to make and easy to reproduce but the end result creates a different look that is not normally seen. What is also unique about my project is that I came up with the idea having the consumer in mind. I wanted to target the consumer that does not usually dress up or feels awkward about wearing fancier attire. College men who aren’t in the workforce yet. But no matter what we all like to wear, having the right clothes for any occasion should be kept in mind. That is who I made Tie’d Up Neckware for.