Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Bienal Comunicación
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Beecheii
Location: Yucatán, México
Packaging Contents: Honey, medicinal
Packaging Materials: Glass bottles, wood boxes, hand painted

“Kaab” means both bee and universe in Mayan, this is the name given by the Mayans to the Melipona Bechei bee due to the capacity to restructure and heal.

This bee is known as the “Sacred Mayan Bee” which produces a significantly superior honey because of its beneficial property.

The apiarists have an extraordinary process and treatment with the bees, they are taken care of as part of the family. The boxes have special drawings and paintings made by children and these include words such as Love, Health, Peace, Faith, and Protection, following the studies of Masaru Emoto.

Likewise, all of the boxes have been blessed following the Buddhist tradition. They play music to them, and each carries a mantra.

The bee guards the entrance to the hive, which in Mayan means “Kalan”, and it is the fundamental component of the design, being represented in a fusion of Mayan esthetic and Oriental tradition with the Hanko sign. Also, the typographic Oriental art is found in the ensō zen and and the guardian bee is drawn with Chinese ink.

The Mayan- Zen Syncretism is the base of this project; valuable to its core because its filled with an antique tradition and long born origins. Each detail of the hive´s design embeds the following aesthetics: a complex communication process, striking benefits and a magical conscience that wraps around all of the products that come from the finest Melipona Bechei bee honey.