Cotton Packaging (Student Project)



Concept & Graphic Design: Ragini Kacholia
Structural Design: Arpit Jerath
Renders: Naveen Kesavan
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Cotton
School: MIT Institute of Design, Pune
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Prof. Utkarsha Malkar, Prof. Mansi Kanetkar

Why cotton ?

The existing packaging comes in a brown paper or the craft paper which is thin, when torn off leaves the product exposed to air and dust particles. Thus we need a stable box for cotton , also which is attractive.

Why do we need a box? why not the same roll of the cotton?

The Kraft paper is a recyclable product but if it comes in contact with water or dust, leaves the cotton moist which apparently should be not, keeping in mind the hygiene.

The Problems faced in the current packaging are:

1) For travelling this multipurpose absorbent roll is not available.

2) Have to always take out from the roll and if to store back , we need a pollybag.

Packaging Materials:
The basic material is PAPERBOARD under which we can use folding carton or Folding boxboard with thickness with limited to 0.8mm due to the limitations of cutting machinery. The material is recyclable. The used paper is mixed with virgin fibres to mackinaw material which enhances the strength of the model. The major end uses of this material are health, beauty products, confectioneries and pharmaceuticals. This Cotton Box will involve 2 types of packaging: Primary Packaging : which will be in immediate contact with the product- Kraft Paper or Cellophane.

Secondary Packaging:
For Graphics placement- Folding carton or Boxboard. The material has a coating which makes it hydrophobic.

What’s Unique?
1)The Lid of the box is attached to a hinge which allows it to slide across 180 degree and back in a swift motion.

Also, there’s a small extrusion on the base and on the cap theres a little depression (hole), so when they both come in contact they align, keeping the lid in place giving the user an experience of taking that cotton out of the box.

2)Inside the box there is a sieve kind of attachment through which the user can pinch in to take out the soft cotton. This will in turn help in quantity control.

3)The hexagonal shape is a dynamic shape giving a premium feeling. (which if produced in abundance can stack up without leaving spaces in between cutting the cost)

4) fresh happy graphics on the packaging box.