+ Danúbio, a new positioning

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Oz Estratégia + Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vigor
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Oz Strategy + Design has been working with the dairy product brand Danúbio for more than seven years. Recently, the client decided on creating a new positioning for the brand.

Before expressing this new positioning in the brand’s visual identity and packaging line, we decided it would be essential to deepen our understanding of the specific audience that the brand wants to reach the “moderns”, in order to avoid developing a stereotypical view of this public.

We developed an ethnographic research survey where we chose some representatives of this target group, visited their homes, looked in their refrigerators, went shopping with them, and also learned what is their visual universe.

From this information we obtained guidelines for a more assertive design work. A clean, transparent design, without overloaded information, aligned with the expectations of the intended audience. Completely in consonance with what the journalist specializing in food Michael Pollan said, “The healthier the food the quieter it is.”

The apprenticeship we had in contact with this public was that the truth has to be the guideline of the brand. Truth that we translated into transparency.

When the type of packaging allowed, we presented the product as “naked” as possible.

We removed the paper label the “requeijão” cheese and the carton surrounding the “frescal” cheese: the products are presented directly to the consumer without significant visual barriers.

The presence on the shelves shows that the solution we designed gives to Danubio’s products a great differentiation in relation to its competition. Where all the other competitors “scream” with an excess of colors, images and text, resulting in their being very similar to each other, the Danúbio clean visual creates a unique identity in the category.