Makarizo Advisor Hair Vitamin Capsule



Creative Agency: Makarizo In-House Brand & Packaging Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Company: Makarizo
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Hair Vitamin
Packaging Materials: Gel Capsule, Aluminum Blister, PET Bottle

Makarizo Advisor Hair Vitamin Capsule was created to compete with similar products which are already available in the market. After doing market research and study on the competitor products, we decided to create the capsule in this particular shape to make it easy to open/tear off the capsule in a single twist. To make it stands out from the crowd and maximum brand visibility on the shelves, we also created the blister pack in a unique and iconic shape. Combined with the Makarizo Advisor brand visual identity & graphic, it comes on three different color codes (pink, black & yellow) to represent the product variants. It comes also in bottle pack with safety lock cap for 50 pcs capsule.