Milestone Organic Olive Oil

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Kassiani Graphics
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ofdreamsandknowledge
Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Oil

We designed the bottle and the packging of one og the highest phenolic olive oils globally. The placement of the product in market is more than just an olive oil. Using traditional miling methoids, which means traditional milstones for oil extraction as in ancient years, our customer delivers an olive oil with great advantages for human health. That led as to the use of that clean matte white color to show the purity of the product. Also the designs are with cooperation with a painter who is giving us those sketch images like the ones seen in ancient caves and handwritten over stones.

What’s Unique?
We think that the choice of the specific bottle which is the bottle many medicines use in the market e.g depon-paraketamol , gives to our product the unique feeling our customer wanted to give. That this is not, and that’s scientifically proven, not an ordinary olive oil, and that’s why you drink 20ml of this oil every morning with empty stomach.