The Salad Box (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designers: Luv Rohra, Priyen Patel
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute Of Design
Course: Product Design
Tutor: Manasi Kanetkar
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Salad with Dressing
Packaging Materials: RPET ( Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate)

The aim of the project was to promote healthy eating ; so i as a designer i thought of promoting mainstream salads as a product . The point that triggered me was that there is no specific packaging available for salads and dressing together neither there is proper selection of vegetables with the dressing either they are packed in plastic bags or in square container or cylindrical funnel shape container which not easy to have it becomes clumsy and difficult for the user . For salads the mixing and tossing them of salads is really important , so the design direction for the packaging were Salads and dressing together should be properly placed or organized as a single part ; salads been properly mixed and packed.The container should be such that it is easy to toss and mix inside the box and eat .

The salad container is provided hinged fitting and the dressing container that is provided with the salad container can be slid with the help of friction fit that is provided with behind the salad container having scoring on the top so by the pressure of the user the seal of the dressing container is opened and mixed with salad further tossed in the salad container and the salad is ready to eat.

Keeping form of the packaging in the mind the inspiration were salad bowl’s , organic character of vegetables used in salad.Having a small experience for a user was one of the point we kept in mind while designing The Salad Box. The materials used can be recycled and is less harmful to the environment .

What’s Unique?
Form :
The lower portion of the container is in the shape of salad bowl so that it is easy for the user to have the portion of salad provided. The form of the container is inspired from leaf curating further towards organic shape from inspiration.

Dressing Container :
Rather keeping inside the salad container it is attached with the container which further can be slided and with the help scoring on the top the container can be mixed with salad.

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