Creative Agency: Mulligan Design Partners
Designers: Hudson Abreu, Fernando Moraes, Marcia Nakamura
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Frutiquello Sorvetes
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Ice Lollies

Frutiquello Sorvetes is an ice cream brand, known by the quality and variety of its products, with over 200 different types and flavors of ice cream. Their products are being sold in over 15.000 places all over São Paulo. Mulligan Design Partners was hired to completely revamp one of Frutiquello’s most important lines: Frukis, with 6 flavors of refreshing fruit-based ice-lollies.

It was a tasty mission. We managed to deliver a bold design, totally focused on appetite-appeal and its refreshing taste. The layouts explored the fruits to the maximum, while reinforcing the flavor and quality of the ingredients with a touch of nature in a sunny background. It all resulted in a notable growth on the product’s quality perception, leaving Frukis at the top with the main players on the market.