Miko No Yu (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Chiun Hau You
Project Type: Student Project
Class: Package Design I @ Taiwan Tech
Professor: Ting Chien Lin
Technical supports: Jack Liu, Sheu Yong
Packaging Content: Hot spring bath powder
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Design motivation
To re-design hot spring bath powder packaging to break off from the usual packaging that you can find in the market that are plastic and cheap looking. This is a hot spring powder packaging that can allow users to get the most pure and natural way to enjoy the hot spring.

design concept
Through the different combination of nature materials, creating a simple, natural atmosphere. In the selection of materials, Hau You used stones to represent the natural hot spring landscape, the wooden cap is a symbol of “Japanese bathing items” and by combining the two together it forms a new look and feel.