Creative Agency: Auge Design
Creative Directors: Davide Mosconi, Giorgio Natale
Designer: Miriam Frescura
Photographer & Food Stylist: Claudia Castaldi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Fast & Fresco
Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Vegetables Soup
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper + Plastic
Printing Process: Offset Printing + UV process on Logo and soup description

Fresh soups to warm up in the microwave? A new Brand is born.

Fast & Fresco. Young brand operating in the vegetarian Italian market distinctive of its cutting edge cooking process which allows, thanks to the machines speed, to keep the freshness of the ingredients. From name and logotype, to the design of the entire range of packs. A contemporary project where style meets the product freshness.

Build the brand from its foundation, find a name that reflects its philosophy, and place it in the position of a cool and contemporary product of high quality.

Take advantage of the distinctive traits of the brand, being fast and fresh, and build the identity around them, with a design and photography of north European feel, to give the meals an elegant but warm and appealing look.