Creative Agency: Arc’s
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Galenia
Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Skin care products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

The Company
Galenia Biotecnologie srl, Italian company of research and cosmetic products development, was founded in 2003 aiming to offer cosmetics and paracosmetics as a complete and functional solution to skin care with the brand Galenia Skin Care.

The Challenge
Ideate and develop a packaging restyle able to attract the consumer, in an environment full of messages and colours, keeping the same authority “as if it has been prescribed by a doctor”.

The pack must transmit the experience and Galenia’s continuous research through a modern and premium image, without losing its characteristics which make it a high quality, natural medical product.

Packaging study and development:
The materials are improved comparing to the original version with illuminating elements on pack, maintaining its elegance and graphic cleanness that distinguishes the brand’s personality.

Logo restyling and font customization. In a game of lines and colours, the letter “O” ideally illustrates the product’s nature: to favour the microcirculation.

The icons at the bottom of the pack distinguish majorly each product’s peculiarity. A stylized leaf highlights the vegetal extract ingredients, the revisited sunrays framing the UVA and UVB protection factors and a composition of little dots signs the food supplement pills.

Product Range
Flebion is a product collection sold exclusively in drugstores under medical subscription. It is specifically made for skin redness and couperosis phenomena. Flebion inserts itself in a wide range of products signed Galenia Skin Care, which presents common elements in it’s packaging layout.

Acne Products
Kerapil Acne Products maintains the graphic language. In an upper/low-case variation, the “I” transforms visually the little inflammations of the skin to describe at it’s best the product’s functions. The distinguishing icons at the bottom of the pack presents its use: microgranules for the gel scrub and soft lines for the exfoliating cream.