Year Of The Rooster Red Envelopes

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Xiang Hailong
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: China

As the spring festival of the lunar year of rooster is coming, a set of red envelopes with images of chicken are designed to celebrate it. In China, the Chinese character “鸡” pronunciation is similar as an other character吉,so name the red envelope 鸡年大吉 to indicate a well going new year.

On the design of chicken,it based on the hens,which produce the lives of little chicken and are more common to see in everyday life. The two different designed hens contain the Chinese characters 恭贺新禧 and 财源滚滚 each of them and this add more fun and bless to the new year. The images the four red envelope are all concise and the color of them are vivid and full of happiness.

The Chinese style is filled through it,and i hope you will like it. Here’s wishing everyone happy Chinese new year and the best of luck.