Zebra Pro Graffiti Cans (Concept)

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Designer: Bambang Erlangga
Project Type: Concept
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Acrylic Paint
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

Zebra Pro is a multi purpose acrylic spray paint for home interior or exterior and automotive. In the begining of 2016, Zebra Pro changed his target market into graffiti artist only. This made Zebra Pro become a new brand in the graffiti market. As a new brand, Zebra Pro need a new strategy communication to increasing brand awareness in the Indonesia graffiti artist community.

The project started from formulating his brand position to create a new strategy communication and then finding the brand essence to ease consumer to defining the brand. The result is transformed Zebra Pro cans into colored cans to communicate his brand position as the brand who have many colors choice to create more inspiration. All the cans color are follow the paint color that contained in it. Graffiti on each cans are containing the color name and all of those used to communicate Zebra Pro’s brand essence, The Brand who Inspire Change.

What’s Unique?
The colored cans is a fresh concept in the Indonesia graffiti market. This concept will make consumer easily to identify the brand from the others. Graffiti on the label of packaging also is a fresh concept in the Indonesia graffiti market. The graffiti is used to connecting the emotional of graffiti artist and the brand itself.