B Packaging design (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Mary Navarro (MaryLali)
Project Type: Concept
Location: Dominican Republic
Packaging Contents: Skin Care
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Aluminum
Printing Process: Digital printing

B is a B2B brand focused on developing beauty and skin care products intended to be sold to spas and therapeutic centers in touristic areas of the Caribbean. The goal of the packaging was to transmit the spirit and identity of that geographic zone; being a Caribbean myself, from the second bigger island of the region, I felt very familiar with the concept. In the research stage of the project I found many audiovisual resources determined the mood of the design: images of the exuberant nature of the Caribbean islands; the blue and turquoise colors of the sea; the sounds if the repetitive and contagious rhythms; the dancing and the carnivals, with all the movement and colors; the warmhearted, relaxed and fun people! All mixed together to create this packaging, where the color, the rhythm and the movement remind of all the elements that form the lives of the Caribbean people and transform the lives of those who visit the region.

Extra fine point sharpies were used to generate the patterns that make allusion to different characteristics of the products. The background are rich and saturated watercolors.