ELAL Airline Breakfast For Economy Class

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Creative Agency: lyly.design
Lead Graphic Designer: Netaly Reshef
Photos: Assaf Ambram
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ELAL airlines
Location: Israel
Packaging Contents: Omelette casserole, white creamy cheese, strawberry paste
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic foil, alluminium foil
Printing Process: Offset

Lyly.design studio called to create co-branding breakfast tray design for EL-AL airline collaborate with Strauss group which is the largest food company in Israel.

Both large and quality brands joined together to serve onboard new fresh and tasty Israeli breakfast for economy class passengers.

Our key challenge was to create a new design which is Inspired by the food ingredients and combined the values of these two different brands. We used water colors patterns technique and carefully selected the tones so when a passenger gets the breakfast tray, he immediately feels charmed and gets a sensation of appetite.

What’s Unique?
Each container design matches and complete the food he contains. We made sure all the elements on the tray correspondent and complete each other. The design is colorful, fun and sophisticated, healthy imagery and unique in the field of on board food serving.