Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: White Bear Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Popcorn Shed
Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Gourmet Popcorn
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Reverse Box-card
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Popcorn Shed came to us with branding and packaging that just wasn’t cutting the mustard for them. Their main challenges were their confusing flavour differentiation plus the quickly growing competition. Popcorn is a saturated market and they needed branding and packaging that set them apart from their competitors in a quickly growing category.

When it came to the branding we wanted to create an identity that was ownable to Popcorn Shed, meaning it would be hard to copy by larger own brands and new, up and coming, artisans. We literally created a logo that you could not unlock. We used the ‘O’ in ‘Popcorn’ to create the bow of the key and playfully used the ‘E’ in ‘Shed’ as the blade. This key would unlock the secret family recipe. Subtly the bow of the key represents a popped popcorn kernel which we constructed out of the initials of the brand, ‘P’ and ‘S’.

For the packaging, to us, the answer was in the name. Let’s make Sheds! Why not? And so we set about creating theatrical stories for each of our three key flavours. Pecan Pie, due to its flavour was inspired by an American barn, Salted Caramel by the bright lights of the Brighton seafront and Chocolate by a rich winter log cabin.

To create ownable photography for our new brand we really got into the world of Popcorn Shed by creating mini experiences for each flavour that take place around our shed shaped packaging. This style now allows Popcorn Shed to own their photography both on social media, digital marketing, and print campaigns.

Popcorn Shed has since won a Great Taste Award and been listed in a number of stores including Harrods. We are really honoured and super excited to be working with them along their exciting journey.

What’s Unique?
We developed our own shed shaped folding technique for the Popcorn Shed packaging. giving it a unique aspect which makes it stand out on shelf. Also, The window allows us a subtle view of the flavours to add extra appetite appeal and the packaging allows for double facing with the side profile being inspired by the seaside villages along the beautiful British coastline with its brightly coloured beach cabins. This made sense to us with the product and the founders being quintessentially British.

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