Singella (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Luís Camacho
Project Type: Concept
Location: Braga, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Yoghurt

There were four main ideas driving this yoghurt packaging concept, have a hand made feel, be visually unique, be striking and attention grabbing, and be simple nonetheless.

Above all my motivation was to create something that speaks unique, hand-made, premium. Something that customers couldn’t ignore in a supermarket shelf, even if they wanted to. The solution I found was to use watercolour textures and simple, but very large, shapes to show the flavours of yoghurt. The background in all printed surfaces is a canvas texture, adding to the idea of a hand made product.

The desire to do a striking graphic style did not take way care to follow logic design rules. The logo is present in all individual yoghurt pods, driving the brand forward. Colours are consistent in all relevant design elements like flavour name, weight, and nutritional facts table. The large fruit shape at the top touches all yogurt pods so that flavour can be discovered at a glance, even when seen individually, the coloured ink splashes aid in this objective too.

What’s Unique?
A striking visual style that still respects logical and usable design.