Tzekos Organic Herbs

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Designer: Anastasis Stratakis
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Tzekos Organic Herbs
Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Organic Herbs

Tzekos Organic Herbs is a Greek family-run business engaged in the cultivation and standardization of organic herbs. Their plants are local, usually seen growing naturally in Greece and they are well known for their therapeutic and nutritional value since ancient times. The brief was to design their brand identity and its applications, while subsequently this double series of packagings was requested in order to release a couple of new product lines: herbal cooking and tisane blends. The aim was for these packagings to contain and communicate, with the utmost simplicity and directness, the particular characteristics of the project — it’s a case of a small scale family business with excellent quality products since a great deal of attention is being given to every single detail and step of production. Their goal was to approach the domestic and international market, nonetheless in an ever-rising sector, which meant that for them to be distinguished among the plethora of competition they had to become aware of their special characteristics and have their identity built exactly on those. Therefore, the design concept is based on the simplicity of means, the purity of the materials and the immediacy of the transmission of the elements that constitute the brand. The selected approach aims to develop the products’ image as a combination of perfectly natural, traditional goods while also being luxury products addressed to responsible consumers who are looking for high quality organic food. The therapeutic nature of these herbs led to a reference to the purity of the design language of pharmaceutical products, while special attention was given to the brand’s colour palette which aims to convey a feeling of dried herbs. Finally, multiple patterns were created and applied to each particular packaging, using the leaves-icons of the herbs that are used in each respective blend.