Brown Sugar Tea (Concept)

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Designer: Li Shuk Yan, Fina
Project Type: Concept
Location: Hong Kong
Packaging Contents: Brown Sugar Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: UV Printing, foil stamping

Women’s Health
The conceptual brand is specifically helping the office lady (age 25 – 40) to maintain their body health and enhance their resistance through the natural Chinese eating therapy. At the same time, it aims to encourage the office lady pay more attention on their health during the busy working time as well.

Nowadays in Hong Kong, most of the office ladies need to work all day. Because of the long working hours, they are usually focusing on the computer and without exercise; plus often working in an air conditioning area, limbs will be so cold or some of them may have the problem of menstrual cramps. Besides, working under pressure day by day, it will bring them different kinds of symptoms; for example headache, insomnia and obscure sight etc. Unhealthy and irregular eating habit is the another common thing that always happens to them, thus their whole body system will not be healthy or even finally create a vicious circle.

“Round shapes are associated with femininity.” Schmitt & Simonson (1997)

Generally rounded shape represents friendliness, gentleness and harmony. Refer to this project, it is mainly based on a cycle which is exactly related to circle and due to the process of refining brown sugar, it comes from sugar cane naturally without any other chemical products. Therefore, it is a kind of pure and original sugar, “original” in Chinese is 原始/原本 while circle is 圓形, the pronunciation of 原 and 圓 are the same. Since most of the stuff are related to circle, it finally becomes the main element which has been applied in logo, cycle chart, icons, typography of the products.

“Package shape is regarded as one of the most important factors in package communication.” Rusko, Heiniö & Korhonen (2011)

Packaging can be treated as a communication tool between the consumers and the product. Bright colors and vivid graphics can firstly draw the attention of consumers but actually shape is also played as an important role, and influence the purchasing decision. Shape is not just represent its personalities, but also the main concept of the product. The package is designed as a pie chart in order to show the cycle of drinking period and it is related to female menstrual period (28 days). There are in total four brown sugar products which are separated into four drinking period.