Ella’s Kitchen’s First Veg Range



Creative Agency: Biles Hendry
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ella’s Kitchen
Location: Surbiton, UK
Packaging Contents: Baby food
Printing Process: Flexography

Ella’s Kitchen is on a mission to elevate the importance of vegetables in the weaning journeys of little ones. So they’ve created a ‘Greener Paper’ and have lobbied the UK’s Department of Health asking them to raise awareness of the importance of eating vegetables in the early years of a 
child’s life.

As Ella’s Kitchen’s design partner, Biles Hendry was asked to design the brand’s first vegetable only range that aims to improve the lives of children by helping them develop a healthy relationship 
with food.

What’s Unique?
A celebration of the humble vegetable, the range consists of four variants: Peas, Broccoli and Potatoes; Squash, Sweet Potatoes and Parsnips; Carrots, Peas and Kale; Pumpkin, Broccoli and Sweetcorn. The designs continue the iconic playful look and feel that reassures mum and engages young ones. The range flags its point of difference with a cheeky little ‘Love Veg’ call out at the top of each pack.

Anthony Biles, Creative Director commented, “To paraphrase Fred Astaire, ‘the hard part is making it look easy’. A lot of love and craft goes into Ella’s Kitchen. Much of the challenge is to maintain the brand’s childlike quality whilst delivering clear and effective communication. All the elements must work in harmony together to make the range easy to shop and fully embody the 
brand proposition.”