Virere Brand LowDose Cannabis Packaging (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Farago Design
Project Type: Concept
Location: New York
Packaging Contents: LowDose Cannabis, CBD
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Plastic
Printing Process: Flex and Screen printing + Foil stamping

Prototype packaging and Brand Design for Virere by Farago Design
Attached are a number of prototypes for an active consumer research program in the emerging LowDose cannabis market. Our inquiries are driven by what we observe as monumental changes to the homeopathic market brought about by cannabis legalization.

Consumer response is key to our next steps. Carefully gauging their reactions, listening to their preconceptions, and most importantly understand the potential scale of this market is of primary importance.

Wired Magazine editor Maria Finn notes that as cannabis moves toward legalization and older audiences demonstrate interest in its medicinal properties, retailers are adopting wine branding/marketing techniques.

To us, Ms Finn makes perfect sense. This market is not about “getting high”, it is about LowDose “pain-easing”.

Design-wise we have deliberately distanced ourselves from the historic baggage of marijuana and look to Napa valley wine growers for inspiration. Building an acceptable and aspirational brand in this segment is the key factor in sales.

What’s Unique?
The application of classic wine packaging textures, graphics, and quality printing techniques to a new class of LowDose cannabis products.

Until recently, there was little interest LowDose teas because of their low levels of THC, but that’s beginning to change as the market broadens to more typical consumer audiences. We are now seeing interest in tea that’s 80 parts CBD to 2 parts THC. This will be so very, very mild that a huge new class of customer will be turning to it to relieve their aches and pains.