Bosca – Stories of Italy


Creative Agency: Design Studio 43’oz
Creative Director: Alex Kodimsky
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bosca
Location: Chisinau, Moldova
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, glass
Printing Process: Flexographic printing

When company with a 186-year history of producing sparkling wines makes a decision to release the first series of aged still wines, the visual design of a product should fully correspond to the importance of such an event. Therefore, when the Italian company Bosca appealed to our studio for developing a package design for their new product Stories of Italy, we focused on finding a solution that would adequately reflect the nature of a new line and emphasize its continuity with respect to the rich history of the manufacturer.

The main source for inspiration was directly the method of storing bottles of still wine in cellars of Bosca, which differs from the traditional method for sparkling wines using special shelving. The visual rhythm of the round bottoms of bottles stacked on top of each other, formed the basis for ‘Stories of Italy’ packaging design and served as the main styling element of the label. The gold dot pattern at the bottom of the label and a cap – serves as a direct visual reference to the rows of bottles stored in the old cellars of the Bosca winery. This strict element dictates the consistent stylistics and laconic font solutions that were applied in the design of a label.

The general spirit of the developed visual design of Stories of Italy wines can be characterized as laconic, consistent, and at the same time quite modern, up-to-date. Each detail of the label underscores the high quality of the product and the company’s long history, which remains relevant to this day. Even with a quick glance at the bottle, the potential consumer perceives the product as a quality exclusive wine from the eminent European manufacturer.