Moorilla Alter Ego

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Creative Agency: MONA
Designer/Art Director: Jardin Anderson
Illustrator: Tom O’Hern
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Moorilla Estate
Location: Hobart, Australia
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing, foil stamping

Every wine label should have a hidden pirate.

Let’s be honest, everyone has a secret side – that other part to your personality that lurks just below the surface, ready to party. And so it is with Moorilla, the famous Tasmanian winery that’s part of David Walsh’s mischievous MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art) empire. They’ve just launched Moorilla Alter Ego, a wine that at first glance seems elegant and classy, but when the label is inverted becomes a drunk pirate.

Says Head Winemaker Conor van der Reest: “Moorilla is committed to producing premium Tasmanian wines with intellectual integrity. Moorilla Alter Ego? Not so much. It’s an instantly gratifying pirate of a wine that just wants to party.”

The design features a minimal palette and understated typography. Key elements are highlighted with a silver foil, a nod to the more premium Moorilla parent brand. This restrained approach allows the label’s artwork to shine. The concept was to illustrate the hidden identity in a fun and interactive way. The result – a portrait of a princess which, thanks to a clever optical illusion, turns into a pirate when upside down. Subtle visual cues, such as mirrored descriptions, encourage people to invert the bottle and discover the other side. The design team commissioned local Tasmanian artist Tom O’Hern to help bring the concept to life, completing the drawing whilst 35,000ft over the Pacific Ocean on his way to Europe. As you do.

The wine was launched in June at MONA’s infamous Dark Mofo winter festival. The perfect wine to help bring out the “dark side” of partygoers.