Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: KOREFE
ECD: Sascha Hanke, Stefan Kolle
Head of Design: Alan von Lützau
CD: Lorenz Ritter, Tim Esser
Project Manager: Katrin Becker
Art: Isabel Gesenhues, Sebastian Riepe
Graphic Design: Alexandre Leduc, Mitja Schneehage
Producer: Lore Glander
Art Buying: Katrin Grün
Online Concept: Christian Renschler
Photographer: Dirk Weyer
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: T.D.G. Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG
Location: Germany
Packaging Contents: Face Cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset, Embossing

MySkinNeeds is a new type of high-quality face cream, in a market dominated by big names.

How does a small newcomer, with a small budget, even get noticed?

Unlike others, we don’t just promise to be the right cream for every skin type. We prove it. With Skin Paper – The first packaging that feels like real skin. By using precise dermatological criteria, we’ve matched the structure of our packaging to the haptic properties of skin. And added subtle blends of ingredients like silicone, chalk, wood fibre and other structural elements.

The result is a unique, tactile packaging experience – just like the natural skin that inspired it: Sometimes dry and rough, slightly oily or simply normal. An effect you can see, and more importantly, feel, for yourself. So now, just touching a pack will be enough to know: This is MySkin.

What’s Unique?
The paper was specifically developed to match the haptic properties of the skin that the products are intended for (dry, oily and normal).