Pâté Caviar



Creative Agency: UPRISE
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Santa Bremor
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Fish caviar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal

The “UPRISE” agency has developed a design-concept of packaging for light-salted delicious Pâté caviar – the most tasty new product by “SANTA-BREMOR” company.

The product is intended for mass demand and is affordable, at the same time it is implemented qualitatively – gentle heat treatment keeps all vitamins and nutrients without using preservatives, and its refined taste will suite to any gourmet.

The design-concept uses light pastel colors, that emphasize delicate texture of the product. The packaging is structured clearly, all elements – inscriptions, hallmarks, illustrations – are subject to a single system. The dark blue lace frame made of waves outlines the edges, showing the package contour. The elegant food zone is inscribed in the composition with bright color spot, revitalizing the design and emphasizing the taste of the product. The original illustrations of Pollock and Сod are built into the side-layout system.

According to information by “SANTA-BREMOR” company, at that moment the product is activly expanding its representation in retail stores in Belarus and Russia: “We are pleased with the dynamics of sales, which shows as a successful response to an innovation, an active outflow from the shelf with primary sales, and the formation of stable secondary sales, which means: the product had not only attracted attention, but also was very tasty!”