Creative Agency: Prompt Design
Executive Creative Director: Somchana Kangwarnjit
Design Director: Naphalai Changmai
Designers: SKJ, Pongpipat Jetsadalak
Senior Account Executive: Sirin Poopiamsakdi
Photography: Huan Studio, Chirut Maneegam
Retoucher: Thiyada Akarasinakul, Pantipa Pummuang, Chalida Assawamongkholsiri
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co.,Ltd.
Location: Thailand

The area of coffee cultivation on Doi Chaang hill (northern Thailand) has been known to be the high quality coffee growing area. The brand “DOI CHAANG” coffee business is to promote the local coffee growers mostly hilltribes people a happy living and secure job.

On Doi Chaang hill, there are several groups of hilltribes for example the Akha, the Lisu and the Haw. When “DOI CHAANG” coffee became famous worldwide, many investors (purchasing agent) desire to start business with them which later causing dislikes among each group. Some families joined with the investors and some don’t.

To build up unity and pride among these groups of highland dwellers, the new packaging is designed to display each group of hilltribes wearing beautiful traditional clothes in front on the pouch showing a happy smiling face of a coffee grower. The picture of each coffee grower group for each blend is to be changed every year.

This new packaging creates pride to the coffee growers’ families. Not only the picture will be collected by them but also will convey love of the brand “DOI CHAANG” to their children.

We found that the families who the last time used to join with the investors have all come back to join “DOI CHAANG”. This is a coffee grower community success.