Invisible Gestures (Concept)



Designer: Jeevan Panesar
Location: London, UK
Packaging contents: Cleaning
Packaging material: Thermochromic Paper
Project Type: Concept

A report carried out by Which? found the average iPad carried 600 units per swab of the staphylococcus aureus bacteria, known for causing severe stomach bugs. To compare, the average public toilet carries less than 20 units.

With this surprisingly high statistic, how can we make people aware of an issue they can’t see?

Partnering up with Dettol, an industry leader in hygiene products, a concept for a new range of cleaning wipes and sprays, made specifically to clean your touch screen devices.

What’s Unique?
Designs for the pack are built from invisible gestures that we create everyday on our phones. Using inks, these gestures, such as reading the news or browsing Facebook, are brought to life to highlight the importance of keeping your screen clean.

Furthermore, the use of thermochromic paper helps the user interact with the pack, by picking it up. Their fingerprints are able to change the design of the pack, showing that this is an issue worth cleaning up.