Willpower Session Pale Ale



Designer: Andy Tyra
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Right Brain Brewery
Location: Traverse City, MI, USA
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum w/ Plastic Wrap
Printing Process: Flexographically Printed Plastic Film

This is a 16oz Can design for a Session Pale Ale brewed by Right Brain Brewery of Traverse City, Michigan. The core concept behind the name is a celebration of human willpower. Right Brain Brewery has faced a lot of adversity in their 10-year evolution. The label is meant to speak to their experience as well as to those who have faced similar adversity. The giant robot represents the sort of impasse that can only be overcome by creativity and perseverance.

As a designer, I have an affinity for the same things I loved during childhood: animals, robots, cowboys, skulls, motorcycles (and other vehicles), and the like. I tend to prefer scenes that are both classic and unusual.

What’s Unique?
Heat shrink sleeves and labels are a growing trend in the craft brewing industry. They allow 4-color printing on film and do not require stores to maintain a large inventory of pre-printed aluminum cans.

The can designs for Right Brain Brewery attempt to use the silvery substrate of the aluminum can in surprising ways. For example, this design uses the substrate as the “color” of the giant robot. The can’s perspiration also adds to the look and feel of this design.