YOND Chocolate

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Designer: Nirja Shah
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of design, Pune
Course: Packaging
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Inspiration: The concept of wrapping as packaging is taken as an inspiration in this project. The motive is to make the unwrapping more exciting for the consumer and enhancing the experience of having a chocolate.

The primary packaging promotes art among all kinds of art enthusiasts- professional or non professional. The secondary and the primary packaging have a premium outlook leaving a contrast when the chocolate is unwrapped. The inside of the chocolate wrapper will have a surprise artwork.

Recall Value: So instead of throwing the chocolate box and wrapper away, the packaging becomes a collectible for the consumer. The chocolate is only unwrapped according to how much the consumer wants which doesn’t make the bar end up open in the fridge.

What’s Unique?
The idea of wrapping and unwrapping of a chocolate is what is unique with the packaging. Apart from the premium branding, it leaves surprise artwork which makes it pleasant and exciting to open a chocolate bar. ‘YOND is an old word for Beyond depicting that a ‘YOND chocolate is just beyond a regular chocolate or a food item.