Creative Agency: Hogarth & Ogilvy
Head of Creative: George Pytharoulis
Copywriter: Zoi Korovesi
Photographer: Kostis Sohoritis
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Phi Divine Goods
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil, Handmade Pasta, Honey, Handpicked Herbs
Printing Process: Digital printing and Screen printing

An effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its simplicity and is just nice to have on the shelf! Having these in mind we have created this elegant packaging for the traditional Greek products Phi-Divine Goods from Chios and the Aegean Islands! Divine proportion (φ – phi) runs through the spine of all humanity, revealing the pattern of existence. The golden section can be found everywhere. In mathematics, in art, in nature. This perfect balance, this divine proportion reminds us of the greatness of being. The air we breathe, the smell of freshly cut thyme, the first summer dive, the distinctive taste of mastic. All these valuable goods mobilize our senses and invite us to enjoy them.