Art director: Stepan Solodkov
Project Type: Concept
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Packaging Contents: Skin care
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal, Plastic, Glass

Cosmetics as an art.

How art makes the world more beautiful, and cosmetics helps women to maintain their beauty. If cosmetics were an art, then it would most likely be an abstraction. Because to understand what is depicted in the picture you need to peer for hours, but the picture itself, even without realizing the essence, is beautiful. So is cosmetics, this is a time-consuming process based on complex chemical formulas, the essence of which is not clear to everyone, but everyone understands that it will help preserve beauty. So the main motive of the whole package is abstract one linear illustration, at first glance just doodles, but if you look at each illustration you can see the essence of the product and for what area it was created. The design is light, airy, clean, but remains in the memory for a long time.