Spring Sensation

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Creative Agency: bessermachen
Photographer: Mikkel Hvilshøj
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: karamelleriet
Location: Denmark
Packaging Contents: Candy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

“Spring Sensation – Eye Candy Straight From Karamelleriet

Danish toffee company, Karamelleriet, is well known for its handmade quality caramel and for using only the very best ingredients to make an unforgettable tasting experience. But one thing is great taste – another is irresistible and delicate temptations for the eye. Karamelleriet has created a great looking selection of taste explosions called Spring Sensation.

Just like the pre-summer season, the crispy Spring Sensation set offers both Spring Sun (vanilla fudge, white chocolate and pineapple) and Drizzling Rain (vanilla fudge, pistachio and white chocolate). Naturally, these delicious sweets are beautifully wrapped in delicate light colours – just like the very first spring days of March.

Once unwrapped, we recommend you to enjoy these fine chewy caramels with your eyes closed, and you will be one step closer to spring time. Happy Easter!”