Ayurvedic Cosmetics

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Designers: Revati Khadilkar, Suhani Bahl
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT – ADT University, Pune
Course: Product Design
Location: Pune
Packaging Contents: Hair oil, shampoo, soap, face pack, moisturizer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottle for Shampoo and oil, Plastic container for moisturizer, box board for outer packaging
Printing Process: Digital printing

Gorasa was a newly formed brand for ayurvedic cosmetics. India is on a path with major trend shift towards organic and ayurvedic cosmetic products. Hence in this competitive market, the packaging not only brings out the essence of the products but also the modernity in terms of the form of the bottle, jar and the outer package (box). Each box (except face pack) has an opening covered with a transparent sheet to give the customers a sneak-peek of the product inside.

All the products constitute of cow by-products. Keeping that in mind the branding has been done to enhance this element. The color palette is a range of earthy, luxuries and Indian colors. The logo of the droplet (given by the company) depicts a droplet of milk.

The inspiration for the illustration was taken from Sanjhi art. This also helps bring this art form back into the limelight and in a way promote it.

*The company Gorasa is no longer active.

What’s Unique?
Opening of the boxes is unique in its own way. The flaps of the soap and moisturizer box when closed forms the shape of a leaf.