Derrick Lin


Designer: Thitipol Chaimattayompol
Credit: Caroline Eaton
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Curry meal set
Location: Queens, NY, USA

MÀM Thai curry is a new product line that bundles all the main ingredients for making Thai curry in one package, which includes Thai curry pastes, coconut milk, and Thai spices. The uniquenesses of this product is, it’s easy to use when compared to the other Thai curry products in the market. Thai curry blocks are adjustable with different spice levels by using Thai spice cubes. Typically, all the ingredients needed to make the curry come in a large quantity packaging. Our products use a unique culinary technique to create curry blocks in a specific portion. Consumers will cook Thai curry in the most accurate and creative ways. This unique feature will not only allow the consumers to enjoy the Thai curry with a variety of curry types and spices but also create their own combinations of curries.

The set provides all main ingredients for making Thai curry for two people. On the front side of the package show the explanation and comparison of different types of Thai curries that help customer diced what kind of flavors they want. On the side of the package also indicates the spicy level of the curries. The step by step cooking instruction is on the back side of the box. The box set is perfect for people who first try to cook Thai curry.

The packs come in three sizes with the proper portion of ingredients that will perfectly fit in the box set. Each curry pack has 2 colors combinations. One is the color that indicates the types of curry and other is a simple black with the colored types. The front side shows the name of the curry and on the back side reveals the facts and ingredients. The coconut milk and spices also can buy individually in the store.

The name MÀM cam from Thai world (หม่ำ) which means “eat” in the Thai language. The symbol was simplified and modified from the original Thai characters to create a connection to modern aspect and remain a feeling of Thai characters. This symbol will interduce the contemporary look of Thai curry product.

Customers can find MÀM’s products in the pop-up store and store around the urban area. The ideas of the store are letting people try and taste the sample with the different Thai curry flavors as well allow them to customize their purchase. The design intended to look simple and modern to connect with the concept of the products. The shape of the counter bar and the tiles on the wall are inspired by the forms of the curry blocks and also create a contrast with the colors on packages and curry sample that will lay on the table.