Pietro Gallo Estate

Squad Ink

Design: Squad Ink
Senior Designer: Jess Browne
Designer: Robbie North
Creative Director: Matthew Squadrito
Lifestyle Photography: Nikki To
Product Photography: Lucas Peng
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Pietro Gallo Estate
Location: Sydney, Australia
Packaging Contents: Grappa and Liqueurs
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Clear permanent
Printing Process: Rotary flexo

Some dreams simply have to be realised, as was the case with John and Anna’s vision for Pietro Gallo Estate. The couple’s shared passion for seasonal produce and the fine art of distilling Italian spirits has led to the journey that has brought Pietro Gallo to life.

A love for fresh produce is something that brings people together and Pietro Gallo’s approach to locally grown and sourced produce perfectly celebrates that passion and commitment – from the rich King Valley Prosecco grapes grown at just the right altitude to create their distinguished Grappa, through to the estate-grown Lisbon and Eureka Lemons that make up Pietro Gallo’s acclaimed Limoncello, crafted right here on site.

The brief was to create the brand identity and packaging for their beloved Grappa (grape spirit) and a range of fruit liqueurs. The products need to expression the idea of celebration and ‘the sweet life’ that John and Anna had built on the estate.

What’s Unique?
Pietro Gallo Estate is a true expression of what it means to live the sweet life – ‘La Dolca Vita’. To Italians food and drink is a celebration, one best shared with family and friends. Squad Ink has endeavoured to bring this concept to life through an expressive label structure that beautifully spirals up the bottle, celebrating the carefully crafted liquid inside. Furthermore, the grappa features a rich reflective gold foil on the inside of the label which fills the interior of the bottle with vibrant hues of gold. A real show piece that not only elevates the product but offers commanding presence on shelf.

This label production offered unique printing and application challenges that required problem solving at various stages of the project.

By utilising a clear stock, the entire label was produced in one pass with the application of a full label silver cold foil over the image plus transparent special yellow, which brought the inside to life in vibrant reflective gold. Potential show-through of the back image was addressed with the combination of the foil with an optimal opaque tinted white flexographic special. The use of the special yellow ensures the front ‘foil’ is an exact match to the gold back. Additionally, the use of spot screen gloss and super matt varnishes gives the synthetic stock a natural, textured paper-like appearance and feel.

The result is beautifully detailed, yet timeless and classic. The packaging fully embraces the concept of celebration and “la dolce vita” through a mesmerising label design that commands your attention.