Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Armigo CO.,LTD
Location: Kaohsiung City
Packaging Contents: Hair Dyeing
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Foil stamping

Market Positioning:
The client has been involved in the marketing of hair products for more than a decade and has industry and academic background in professional R&D technologies. The product itself utilizes dyeing technology with pigment extracted from turmeric plants and is a hair-coloring product developed for the demands of the black-hair dyeing group. The naming of the product wishes to be a combination of four product spirits including raw materials (turmeric), plants (nature), profession (specialist) and hair-dyeing (hair product), hence, it is named “HERBSLIGHT.” The overall brand positioning hopes to create a mature and charismatic style while emphasizing the sense of trust in natural herbal plants.

Design Strategy:
At the present, majority of similar products in the market are based on portraits of black-haired person as the packaging image, therefore we hope to have a distinction from other brands in the aspect of display. We used tumeric pictures massively to highlight the product raw materials and further chose raw paper with black cards as the base color to emphasize the main appeal of dyeing hair black, which accentuates the golden color of tumeric. At last, raw paper color is adopted for the choice of the paper box and labeling paper to highlight the product characteristics of natural mildness which is unharmful to hair quality; hot stamping is used instead of printing that metaphorizes the concept of haircare and a glowing hair after dyeing, hoping to further create the market value for the product itself.