Amara Body Oil

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Derrick Lin


Design: Ian Wallace
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Amara
Location: Chile
Packaging Contents: Body Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Marble, Wood

A packaging that is born and inspired by nature, mother earth and energy, perfectly demonstrating the hammam ritual of the middle east. A luxury packaging, honest, original and pure, that transmits its energies through its design based on marble and wood, the perfect natural combination.
Its combinations of marble and wood create a unique magic at the moment of being perceived. The experiences are the ones that take force in this packaging since it generates an intimate and personal connection between design and user.

Marble was used for this concept. Dark grey and blue tones, gives us a passionate and sincere energy, generating a total connection with our body and mind. A natural, innovative, original and creative proposal that fits perfectly with the Hammam ritual and our own personal wellness ceremony. It also perfectly complements the traditional and all-natural ingredients from the Emirates. A packaging that possesses wisdom, art and inspiration.

Also wood was used for this packaging proposal. In the past, the spirit of the trees was honored and it was believed that they had some magical, spiritual and divine properties. These fantastic beings also teach us spiritual lessons when we know how to connect with them and interact with their development. This dark wood breeds which is originally complemented by the dark marble texture. A proposal that, together, takes you back to antiquity.

The colour palette used in this proposal is the wonderful combination between Rose Gold and the elements of nature. The labels always play with Rose Gold foil and relief, strongly positioning this product in the world of luxury through its minimalism, history and concept. More than colours, it is a proposal of new textures that connect our five senses deeply.

The box was designed in black and white to surprise the user at the moment of seeing what is inside, without revealing their colours and design. A texture that invites, intrigues, surprises and fascinates. A concept that expresses the personal connection perfectly.